Welcome to my blog; also known as my newest adventure!  I have been an avid blog reader for several years now, and am constantly in awe of the wealth of information and inspiration available through this medium.  I love getting a glimpse into the lives of bloggers and adapting their ideas to enhance my own life.  My past attempts at blog writing have not been successful due to my inability to "define" my blog in a way that encourages me to write with some consistency.  Do I write about my family?  Fashion?  Organizing?  Yes, yes, and yes.  I am by no means an expert on any of those topics, but I enjoy them just the same.  I have decided that in order for me to find joy in this writing platform, I must give myself permission to write about all of my passions along with the occasional random thought.  This blog will be a reflection of my life, my journey so far, and the things that bring me joy.  In other words, it will be about me; and being me is something I excel at.  Thanks for stopping by!

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